About us

BSB develops business solutions and IT services for finance professionals and life insurers. For nearly 20 years, our solutions have helped improve efficiency by enabling automation, standardising processes, lowering costs and shortening the time to launch new products.

BSB's business

Life insurance policy administration, pension and health care claims management
Institutional asset management and wealth management
SaaS and private cloud services
IT services (distribution portals; integration; custom developments etc.)

BSB works hand in hand with its customers to design and implement innovative solutions, which support their business strategies and leave them free to focus on their day-to-day activity. Our employees’ deep business knowledge and IT expertise enables us to develop software packages that are in tune with today’s best practices and anticipate tomorrow’s.

We have two flagship products: Solife for life insurance, pensions and healthcare claims administration, and Soliam for institutional asset management and private client wealth management. BSB also provides IT services in areas like electronic document management, distribution web portals and the integration of third-party applications.

Our subsidiary Solfia, based in Luxembourg, operates a platform for hosting the solutions in ITO and SaaS (Software as a Service) modes.

At BSB we have a unique set of business attributes that set us apart. We have deep business and technological expertise gained over nearly 20 years and in changing market conditions, learning important lessons that have made us stronger. BSB is well prepared to face the future – deploying the confidence and boldness required to advance despite challenging economic times. And we have the vision, focus and determination to take us and our customers forward to new successes.

BSB is headquartered near Brussels, Belgium. It operates through subsidiaries or offices in Luxembourg, Paris, London and Amsterdam. BSB has more than 100 customers in 23 countries in Europe and around the Mediterranean.